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Leather & Textiles

Leather & Textiles

The processing of leather and textiles has been one of our core competencies for more than 100 years. Here we are one of the very few companies that can claim to carry out your entire manufacturing process with 100% Made in Germany.


We can do that for you:

  • Industrial sewing

    Sewing different hard and soft materials in multiple layers. Long sleeved sewing machines with triple transport in flat bed or free arm design, chain, warp stitch and industrial zigzag machines find application.

  • Edge stitching

    Dimensionally stable, right-angled sewing for the production of containers and bags.

  • Laminating

    Coincident, wrinkle-free bonding of two or more layers of different surface materials.

  • Beading

    Craftsmanship demanding sewing of edge reinforcements.

  • Leather processing

    Splitting ensures uniform thickness of leather for further processing or allows partial contouring. For flat, fine seams and transitions, leather edges are flattened by sharpening.

  • Punching

    Cutting surface materials such as leather, fabric, fleece, foams and thermoplastics on several large punching machines.

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