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Technical service

Technical service

Here is an overview of the range of our technical services:

  • Bits & Bytes

    ROX Services will gladly accept your CAD data records. Alternatively, we offer you the acquisition of data using 3-D CAD / CAM engineering or 3D digitizing. These data are completely independent of the use of other ROX Services activities at your own disposal.

  • Plastic deep drawing by vacuum thermoforming

    Single- and twin-sheet vacuum thermoforming for economical production of small batches, large volumes and individual finished parts.

    Processable are plastic plates with up to 1500 x 1000 mm in size.

    Target heights are 650 mm for single sheet and 620 mm for twin sheet.

  • Water-jet cutting

    The advantages of water-jet cutting are obvious. No structural changes, no micro-cracks, no deformation, no heat effects, no hardening in the cutting area. Water-jet cutting is suitable for the production of technical parts as well as for mosaics, inlays, emblems, letterings and logos.

  • CNC cutter

    The CNC cutter is equipped with a variety of application-specific tooling systems and options for optimum machining. For example: Cutting with fixed or oscillating machining, grooves, scratches and labelling.

    The most varied materials such as gaskets, cardboard, foils, foams, laminates, technical fabrics, paper boards, wood, hardboard or non-ferrous metals can be processed.

  • CNC milling

    The 5-axis machine with tool changer enables precise milling of hard and soft materials. The CNC milling machine has axis travel of up to 2400 x 1400 x 1000 mm. The freely programmable spindle speed is up to 50,000 rpm.

  • Band knife cutting machine

    The trimming machine with sliding table (2500 mm travel path) allows exact longitudinal and cross sections of insulating and cushioning materials

  • CNC profile sawing

    This CNC profile saw developed by ROX processes aluminium profiles up to a size of 6100 x 1500 x 25 mm and cuts burr-free mitres of 45 degrees or 90 degrees without using lubricants. The CNC control guarantees consistent precision from the first to the last cut.

  • Wood cuttings

    With a panel saw (3500 x 3500 mm), circular table saws, planers and continuous millers, wood and similar materials are professionally processed.

  • Assembly work

    These include the assembly of ready-to-install systems in the context of industrial finishing as well as assembly connection techniques, such as surface and spot bonding and riveting.

  • Paper cutting

    Surface goods are up to a stack height of 200 mm with a format width of max. 1300 mm precisely cut.

  • Ultrasonic welding

    Workpieces made of thermoplastics are precisely fused together by means of ultrasound and are permanently welded.

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